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Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday & not the Sabbath

  1. Jesus rose on the first day of the week not the Sabbath: Mk 16:9
  2. All 6 appearances of Jesus happen on two Sundays, none on Sabbath. Mk 16:9; Mt 28:5-9; Lk 24:34; Lk 24:13-15; Lk 24:33,36 + Jn 20:19; Jn 20:26
  3. Christians are recorded assembling three times on Sunday after resurrection and before ascension, never on the Sabbath. Jn 20:19 Jn 20:26 Acts 2:1 (We do not claim that these were worship services, just the early starting point of Sunday gatherings)
  4. The only time Christians are recorded to have assembled together was on a Sunday in Acts 20:7, never does it say the disciples assembled on the Sabbath.
  5. The only day ever mentioned when Christians broke bread was on Sunday: Acts 20:7
  6. Christians are commanded every Sunday to give into a common treasury of the church: 1 Cor 16:1-2
  7. Jesus was declared the Son of God on Sunday: Rom 1:4
  8. Ps 2:7 “Today I have begotten thee” was fulfilled on Sunday when he rose: Acts 13:33
  9. The sign that Jesus was glorified was given on Sunday: Jn 7:39 + Acts 2:1,32
  10. The church officially began on Pentecost Sunday: Acts 2:1
  11. Jesus was crowned king on a Sunday: Acts 2:33-36
  12. The disciples reception of the promise of the Father on Sunday: Acts 1:4-5; 2:1-4
  13. The Holy Spirit first fell upon the apostles on a Sunday: Acts 2:1-4
  14. Salvation first preached by Peter on Sunday: Mt 16:19; Acts 2:1,38,40-41
  15. The Keys to the Kingdom of God were first used on Sunday: Mt 16:19
  16. The great “Triumphal entry” (also called “Palm Sunday”) happened on the first day: Luke 13:32
  17. The time between the Lord’s resurrection (sheaf waving day) and Pentecost was Sunday to Sunday counting of 50 days. The starting and stopping time was on the 1st day.
  18. First time Jesus worshiped after resurrection was on the first day by Thomas (Jn. 20:26).
  19. The first time we could be born again to a living hope was on a Sunday: 1 Pet. 1:3
  20. The first time Jesus had communion after his resurrection with His disciples, was on a Sunday: (Lk. 24:1, 13, 28-35)
  21. Pentecost was a Sunday – Sunday duration of 50 days. The starting point and stopping point of counting the 50 days was a Sunday – Sunday period!

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