Ideas & Thoughts to Develop

Idea 01This is just something to post for ideas & thoughts to develop upcoming:

  • praying recently about double-mindeness, but really more, about not being fully committed
    • answer was a quiet whispering “Cornerstone” which finds a great live worship service
  • Spirit-prompting to pray about/against certain things;
    • Q: how much can be shared if not wanting it to happen?
    • no, not worried about word-of-faith negative confessions
  • Intimacy w/ God in worship; thinking of Kelly WIllard album
  • history of me & CCM & PW
    • Ron Kenoly, Kent Henry, but earlier too, Keith, 2nd Chapter
  • chords like Dmaj7 for Godspell “Day by Day”
    • maybe could then talk about Paul Baloche & the 5 guitar keys
    • what are your favorite chords?

Some of those topics are a way of getting to know me and how I relate to the spiritual & guitar & music & praise & worship. If you asked the question, “What does Roger think or know about that …?”, hopefully you could come here and find out. And also, part of getting to know a person better is to hear of life experiences. Again, this sharing might be here.

OK, so that enough of a purge for now. Will try to develop those into separate entries

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