Matt 28:6 He is not here, for He has risen!

50 Days Journey to Easter

Week One

Readings for Feb 23rd - 29th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
1SunFeb 23Confession
Psalm 51:1-13
2MonFeb 24Jesus' Teaching on PrayerMatt. 6:1-21
3TueFeb 25Jesus’ Death AnticipatedMatt. 26:1-5
4WedFeb 26Jesus is Anointed
Matt. 26:6-13
5ThuFeb 27The Betrayal by JudasMatt. 26:14-16
6FriFeb 28Preparation for PassoverMatt. 26:17-20
7SatFeb 29Washing the Disciples FeetJohn 13:1-20

Week Two

Readings for Mar 1st - 7th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
8SunMar 01Jesus Foretells His BetrayalMatt. 26:21-25
9MonMar 02The Last SupperMatt. 26:26-29
10TueMar 03Jesus Foretells His BetrayalLuke 22:21-23
11WedMar 04The Disciples Wanting to be BigLuke 22:24-30
12ThuMar 05The New Commandment of LoveJohn 13:31-35
13FriMar 06Peter’s Denial PredictedMatt. 26:30-35
14SatMar 07The Two SwordsLuke 22:35-38

Week Three

Readings for Mar 8th - 14th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
15SunMar 08Let Not Your Hearts be TroubledJohn 14:1-14
16MonMar 09The Promise of the SpiritJohn 14:15-26
17TueMar 10The Gift of PeaceJohn 14:27-31
18WedMar 11Jesus the True VineJohn 15:1-8
19ThuMar 12Abide in My LoveJohn 15:9-17
20FriMar 13The World’s HatredJohn 15:18-25
21SatMar 14The Witness of the SpiritJohn 15:26-27

Week Four

Readings for Mar 15th - 21st
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
22 SunMar 15On PersecutionsJohn 16:1-4
23 MonMar 16The Work of the SpiritJohn 16:5-15
24 TueMar 17Sorrow Turned to JoyJohn 16:16-22
25 WedMar 18Prayer in the Name of JesusJohn 16:23-28
26 ThuMar 19Prediction of the Disciples’ FlightJohn 16:29-33
27 FriMar 20The Intercessory PrayerJohn 17:1-26
28 SatMar 21GethsemaneMatt. 26:36-46

Week Five

Readings for Mar 22nd - 28th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
29SunMar 22Jesus ArrestedMatt. 26:47-56
30MonMar 23Jesus Before the SanhedrinMatt. 26:57-68
31TueMar 24Peter’s DenialMatt. 26:69-75
32WedMar 25Jesus Delivered to PilateMatt. 27:1-2
33ThuMar 26The Death of JudasMatt. 27:3-10
34FriMar 27The Trial Before PilateMatt. 27:11-14
35SatMar 28Jesus Before HerodLuke 23:6-12

Week Six

Readings for Mar 29th - Apr 4th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
36SunMar 29Pilate Declares Jesus InnocentLuke 23:13-16
37MonMar 30Jesus or Barabbas?John 18:39-40
38TueMar 31Behold the ManJohn 19:1-15
39WedApr 01Pilate Delievers JesusMatt. 27:24-26
40ThuApr 02Jesus MockedMatt. 27:27-31a
41FriApr 03The Road to GolgothaMatt. 27:31b-32
42SatApr 04The CrucifixionMatt. 27:33-37

Week Seven

Readings for Apr 5th - 11th
DayDay of WeekDateTopicScripture
43SunApr 05Jesus DeridedMatt. 27:38-43
44MonApr 06The Two ThievesLuke 23:39-43
45TueApr 07The Death of JesusMatt. 27:45-54
46WedApr 08Witnesses of the CrucifixionMatt. 27:55-56
47ThuApr 09Jesus’ Side PiercedJohn 19:31-37
48FriApr 10The Burial of JesusMatt. 27:57-61
49SatApr 11The Guard at the TombMatt. 27:62-66

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