Take Up Our Cross

While looking for something else (a good choral presentation of “Take up Your Cross” to the Common Meter tune ‘O Waly Waly’, if you must know), I ran across this on YouTube. Give a listen. Lyrics below.


1. Behold the wood that bears our name;
behold the nails that hold our sin.
The tree from which salvation blooms;
the death by which we’re born again.

We take up our cross and follow him;
we lay down our lives that we might live.
We carry the hope of Christ within;
we take up our cross and follow him.

2. We embrace the sacrifice,
and walk the path we cannot see.
The burdens of this world made light;
by blood and thorn we are redeemed. (to Refrain)

Lift him high, lift him high;
let his name be glorified.
Lift him high, lift him high;
let his name be glorified.

3 thoughts on “Take Up Our Cross”

  1. Reading the lyrics I’m thinking, “Why does the meter (the pattern) look familiar?” Oh! Pretty much the same as “Before the Throne of God Above”. Curiouser & curiouser.

      1. Indeed. Of course, I’m liking the nice simple guitar. The album version I can hear on Amazon Prime with a bit more instrumentation (do you need yet another source for streaming music–happy to share), but Rhapsody has someone named ValLimar Jansen who covers this with a different feel. She’s a Spirit & Song label artist:


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