Valentine’s Day 2016

Love Is KindValentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year. Our Director of Parish Music is in Portland, OR with many of our school kids for LEST (Lutheran Elementary School Tournament). So I am charged (sort of) with picking music for the Voluntary (when the Offering is taken).  It was suggested that we do, Proof of Your Love by For King and Country. The lyrics are here. I really, really like this song, though, obviously our stylistic interpretation will be different.

But as a fall back, I am thinking of using  “You Are Love” by Michael A. Schmid

Why? This is a bit lighter, brighter, (OK, almost fluffy) and more in keeping with the vocal team in place for this week. I’ll solicit the thoughts of a few others to see what they think.

To hear the song, click the Music Player “play” button below. Also, the lead sheet can be found here.

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