Hymns Uplift Me

MouseOfRobertBurnsThursday. Goodness–what a rough day! In my 9-to-5 job, chaos often reigns. For dispatch & operations, the norm is “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” (Robert Burns). But some days (like this one), everything happens all at once. In the midst of untangling the pandemonium, it’s easy to focus on the mess and become overwhelmed.

I was headed in that direction, but thankfully, my heart is wiser than the gray matter. A wondrously uplifting tune rose up from within, saving me from despair. Humming along, I just needed to figure out the tune, so I could add some words. Let All Things Now Living (Ash Grove).

Ahh, so tapping into that Lutheran Worship pathways of my brain, this was followed by pretty much all of the hymn tunes below:

I know I’ve completely destroyed my reputation as a Modern Worship guy. Why go there, to hymns? Ahh. I know the answer (had to think about it): they’re great treasure buried deep in the soul. When the need is great, gotta’ dig deep!

And because they did their job of restoration, on the ride home, then, I was uplifted by the energetic Rebecca Saint James “Worship God” album (one of my favorites) with a bit of Crystal Lewis “God’s Been Good to Me” thrown in …

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